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A good, quick-access safe can keep your handgun secure, but also readily accessible. There many factors to consider when buying a small, rapid-access pistol safe: reliability, locking mechanism type, case metal strength/thickness, need for battery, ease of installation, internal capacity, built-in lighting, attack resistance, and overall quality. If you are considering getting a small handgun safe, we recommend you watch the videos below. Each shares some valuable observations, and the videos cover a wide selection of pistol safes with many different features.
Quick-Access Handgun Safes Reviewed by Lucky Gunner
Not all small handgun safes are created equal. In this 11-minute video, Lucky Gunner reviewer Chris talks about what to look for in a small pistol safe, setting out the pros and cons of the seven safes with which he has done “hands on” testing.

Fort Knox Original Pistol Box
Fort Knox handgun safes feature 10-gauge Uni-body construction and reliable Simplex mechanical locking mechanism. Low-tech but reliable. The vertical lid PB01 Pistol Box is $299.00 at Amazon.

V-Line Hide-Away Two-gun Pistol Safe
The V-Line safe with Simplex mechanical lock and slide-out drawer holds two handguns. Sold with mounting bracket, this is designed for under-tabletop or under-shelf installation. It is $260.84 on Amazon.
ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault
Shotlock’s 200M Solo-Vault,

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