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Are you looking to get started in tactical/practical competitions? Or perhaps you already have have some PRS/NRL experience but want to upgrade your equipment and enhance your match results. Here are eight videos that can help you improve your game. These videos feature top tactical PRS/NRL competitors and George Gardner of G.A. Precision, considered one of the founding fathers of the PRS game. You’ll find other related videos on the Long Range Precision Shooters YouTube channel.
How Accurate Are The World’s Top PRS Shooters?

In this video, MDT put three top centerfire PRS shooters to the test, running them through some of the most difficult stages. The goal? To showcase the level of accuracy and precision these top shooters can achieve. From shooting off barricades to hitting targets from rooftops and rocks, these shooters demonstrate why they are considered among the best in the world.
Cartridge Choice for PRS and Tactical Competition

This video reviews many of the different cartridge options popular for PRS-style competition. The video examines pros and cons of various cartridge choices, focusing on accuracy, recoil, mag-feeding, and value for money. This segment features G.A. Precision owner/founder George Gardner.
Most top PRS shooters are using 6mm cartridges these days. These deliver excellent

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