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Creedmoor Sports has recently expanded and updated the Creedmoor Sports InfoZone. This web resource contains valuable information about reloading, rifle maintenance, marksmanship skills, and gunsmithing. In addition, the InfoZone has Competition Reports, numerous Gear Reviews, and general Shooting Sports News.
For this Saturday Showcase, you’ll find five InfoZone Videos hosted by Bill Gravatt, President of Creedmoor Sports. There are over 85 other videos on the Creedmoor Sports YouTube Channel. Bill Gravatt is an expert on reloading processes and gear. He developed many of the popular tools for Sinclair Int’l, and now he directs operations for Creedmoor Sports.
Reloading Procedures with Bill Gravatt
Here are five helpful videos Bill Gravatt created for the Creedmoor Sports InfoZone. These videos cover a variety of essential processes for handloading. In addition Bill Shows how to find the exact twist rate in your rifle barrels.
How to Determine a Barrel Twist Rate

Bill Gravatt of Creedmoor Sports demonstrates an easy method to determine your barrel’s twist rate. Knowing the twist rate is essential to selecting suitable bullets for your discipline.
How to Seat Bullets with Inline Press

Many top Benchrest and F-Class shooters favor inline presses for bullet seating. With good hand dies (such as Wilson) and a inline Arbor press (such

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