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With spring soon changing to summer, we are in peak varmint season in many parts of the country. In an area with a high number of critters, a semi-auto varmint rifle is a good choice. You get quick follow-up shots, with reliable 20-rd and 30-rd magazines.
For this Saturday at the Movies Showcase we feature a variety of semi-auto, AR-platform rifles chambered for efficient, high-velocity varmint ammo. Cartridges include: .17 WSM, .17 Remington, .20 Practical, .204 Ruger, .22 Grendel, .223 Rem, and 6mm ARC. We conclude with a video that reviews a variety of lead-free .223 Rem ammo types.
Rock Chuck Hunting in Eastern Oregon

This video has some great backcountry footage. The host nails a number of rockchucks with his .223 Rem-chambered AR-15. The shooter says that the default AR-15 cartridge works great for varmints: “The .223 Remington becomes a rockchuck hunter’s friend with the right load: Nosler 40gr Ballistic Tip loaded over a stuffed case of H335 powder. This achieves 3800 FPS with excellent accuracy.”
.17 Remington AR-15 — Small Bullet, Ultra-High Velocity

The .17 Remington wildcat is based on the .223 Remington case necked down to .172″, with the shoulder moved back. High muzzle velocity (4000+ FPS), flat trajectory, and very

Source: Accurate Shooter

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