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By gunwriter As it turns out, I just might really need a Sasquatch rifle. I’ll be hunting black bears on Vancouver Island in May. As any true Bigfoot hunter knows, there have been numerous sightings of Sasquatch on Vancouver Island. In fact the famous Thirsty Sasquatch is located in Vancouver. This could very well be where some of those sightings originated. I imagine my chances of encountering Bigfoot during this hunt are somewhere in the low negative zero percent but you never know; a man should always be prepared. Right? It’s reported that grizzlies have been seen on the island too and I’ll be more concerned about them than an excessively hairy humanoid like creature addicted to beef jerky. With the help of Empty Cases readers, I’ve settled on a rifle. I’ll be using the Mossberg Patriot in .375 Ruger with the laminated stock and fixed sights. (Amazingly, this rifle has a suggested retail price of only $ 580.00.) Empty Cases readers have also selected the riflescope I should use, which is a Swarovski Z6i 1-6X24. This seems like a perfect choice and since Patriot rifles come with Weaver style bases, it only makes sense to have an XS Sights …Read the Rest

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