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By Sara Tipton

Women like guns. OK, some women like guns. Some don’t. And that’s OK. But I was recently asked by a very intelligent young lady to please explain how I feel being a female in a male-dominated industry. She was referring to my writing for TTAG and my guns as a hobby and for self-defense. It’s not like she was looking for any particular answer or prodding me to answer in any specific way; she was genuinely curious. Truth be told . . .

I’ve never experienced sexism with regards to my writing or the fact that I own guns. Yes, gun store employees have been shocked when I sidle up to the counter knowing exactly what I want, and why I want it. And I’ve received negative comments and feedback on some of my articles. But a lot of female customers are new to guns. And I don’t consider negative comments “sexist.” They’re just a difference of opinion; a man would receive the same criticism for writing the same things.

I also don’t think I have to know more than men who know a lot about guns to be respected. If I don’t know something about a gun or a cartridge …read more

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