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By Sara Tipton


Moving is a pain. It’s always feels almost like punishment. In my case, the rewards of freedom and liberty and reduced taxation will drastically outweigh the hassle of making my house “California ready” in the real estate market. It isn’t like I spray painted guns on my walls or have giant animal heads decorating the bedrooms. My husband is a hunter, but he hunts for meat, not for sport, so he has no trophies. But I was still told by my real estate agent to do a few things to make my home more “presentable” to other Californians . . .

What, pray tell, did my real estate agent suggest? My guns are locked up, and I’m not likely to leave firearms laying around during a showing. “It’s the gun cases,” she said. I’m sure she could see the disdain on my face. I’d stacked the empty cases on the top shelf of the walk-in closet. They are above the ammo that won’t fit in the safe and several other gun accessories including two cleaning kits, holsters, lights, a few slings and spare magazines. This, apparently, is a terrifying sight to most Californian home buyers.


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Source:: Truth About Guns

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