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By Sara Tipton


Slide to Safety is a “Patented Rapid Evacuation Slide” for schools invaded by an active shooter. It provides an emergency escape route for children trapped by a shooter, like the slides used on aircraft in the event of a crash or other emergency. The North Carolina company’s marketing goes straight for the jugular, citing the Sandy Hook slaughter and Columbine killings to push their product. I was a high school sophomore when the Columbine massacre happened . . .

I was sitting in an American History class at my school in Loveland, Colorado when we heard about the Columbine killings. I remember the teachers shutting the doors to the classroom as we watched live media coverage of the shooting on TV. The shock. The horror. The glances at the door. The relief when we got back to our families.

I don’t remember anyone talking about how we would have escaped from our classroom if Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had targeted out school. How could we? We were in the middle of the school. The room had no windows. Other than the door, the only exit would have been …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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