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By Liberty Loft News

By Liberty Loft News

The San Diego City Council took the step of banning firearms without serial numbers at its Monday meeting. Dubbed the ENUF ordinance, the measure prohibits buying, selling or possessing the frame of an unfinished gun unless it has a serial number. A violation would be a misdemeanor.

The San Diego police have tried to argue that ‘ghost guns’ are largely responsible in violent crime increases across the city. They cite a large number of ‘ghost guns’ having been confiscated as a reason for the move.

But according to reports, violent crimes were on the increase across the area, just like many of their Democrat counterparts who already have significant gun control measures in place.

In this article, it talks about the increase in violent crime. Then it goes on to attempt to compare San Diego to Chicago in regards to violent crime. If you have to compare yourself to Chicago in regards to violent crime and firearm safety, that should be your first clue that something is wrong.

The so-called ‘ghost guns’ have been targeted by the radical left for quite some time. These guns are sold as pieces or kits, which an end-user can then modify in order to build a firearm. They are very popular among firearm enthusiasts.

California already requires anyone that would build such a firearm to register it with a serial number upon building it. That would require the owner to go through the typical background check process. Democrats argue that those who wish to purchase the parts and kits should go through a background check before purchasing.

President Joe Biden has also been in favor of either banning or heavily restricting ‘ghost guns.’ So far, he has not acted through executive order as many on the radical left had hoped. He has instead opted for letting Congress deal with the gun issue.

The House has taken up many gun control measures, but none have been considered in the Senate. There is no expectation that Democrats will push to take up any gun control measure unless they had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

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