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By Bob Owens

We recently brought you the video of the arrest of open carrier James Speight, Jr.

San Antonio officers stated at 2:25 in the video above that Speight and his son was being arrested for violating a city ordinance that prevents open carry with loaded firearms. They gave no other reason at the time of arrest, but have since decided to claim that Speight was being reckless with the barrel of the rifle.

SAPD issued the following statement when asked about the reasoning behind the arrests: “On two occasions, officers observed James (Speight) point the barrel of the weapon in a reckless manner in the officer’s direction.”

Do you really want to play that game, SAPD?

Here’s SAPD Officer Steroid McMuscles (not his real name) showing what real reckless behavior with Speight’s rifle looks like.

In the screen capture below, McMuscles (the left-most officer) is pointing the gun towards the lower leg of the officer who has just walked past him.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, here he is pointing it at James Speight’s back and another officer (behind Speight) as the officer tries to figure out how the gun works to unload it. Yes, …read more

Source:: Bearing Arms

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