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By Chris Eger

The Russian Ministry of Defense this week released footage from testing of their next-gen long range rifle, right out of the freezer.
The T-5000 “Tochnost” (Russian for roughly “accuracy” or “precision”) has been testing recently at the Klimovsk’s Central Scientific Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering, (the Russians really like long names) near Moscow. In the above video– don’t freak out, it is in Russian– the rifle is shown first in some sedate shooting,by a chill guy we’ll just call Dimitri, in the prone position. He even has a shooting mat.
This all changes.
They toss the gun in the freezer at -50 C (-122 F) and leave it there to die like it’s James Bond or something. Dimitri then comes back and pulls the rifle out (we know what you are thinking: how much time passed, right?) and hit the range again, sans optics, which may not be able to take the chill.
It seems legit, as the gun ices up when it hits the air and good old Dimitri looks pretty hesitant to wrap his body around the chilly long-range rifle, but who knows. Cut to scene of Dimitri shooting the rifle in a rain booth. Poor guy, apparently all the hacking


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