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By John Farnam

Robber Gun Barrel Bad Guy


“They currently have guns, and therefore we are for ‘peace’ and ‘reformation through the ballot.’ When we have all the guns, then it will be through the bullet.”’ ~ Saul Alinsky

Ft Collins, CO –-( In the late 1960s, one of the first self-described “community organizers,” Saul Alinsky, proposed the Communist-tested tactics described below to eliminate our Second Amendment, as a necessary prelude to eliminating the rest of our Constitution.

Alinsky’s strategies and tactics, like those of Bill Ayers, are the current “rule-book” for today’s leftist “progressives” as they continue their all-out attack on American gun owners, our NRA, and our Second Amendment.

Radical leftists enjoy complete confidence their attacks on our liberties will continue, all with the enthusiastic and unconditional support of the liberal media.

Radical leftists predictably go after individuals (rather than institutions) with direct personal derogation, ridicule, threats, harassment, and physical violence.

We’re seeing it right now. Just ask NRA members and officials about these direct personal attacks, even on our own webpages!

This forcible disarming of Americans is already in process in states and cities that have raced to pass aptly-named “red-flag laws.” These allow for the precipitous and arbitrary seizure of privately-owned guns from innocent …Read the Rest

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