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By Dr. Martin D. Topper

With a detachable magazine, Ruger's Scout Rifle delivers.

The Ruger Scout Rifle employs a hybrid muzzle brake that helps mitigate recoil.

Stopping a feral hog with one shot can be a real challenge. Hogs are tough animals. Unless you hit their central nervous system, they can run a long distance before dropping. Worse yet, hogs live in dense undergrowth and swamps, where they can be next to impossible to retrieve. Deer also run and can be hard to recover, but in my experience, hogs are tougher to stop than deer and more difficult to find, even with good shot placement. Fortunately, Ruger’s new .450 Bushmaster Scout Rifle and new loads from Hornady and Remington are up to the task.

Ruger 350 Legend


Ruger Releases American Ranch, AR-556 MPR in 350 Legend

Bushmaster Basics

The .450 Bushmaster cartridge seems like it was designed for hogs. It was originally developed on Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Cooper’s concept of a “thumper” round that would cleanly take larger big-game animals when used in the AR-15 platform. The .450 Bushmaster started as the wildcat .45 …Read the Rest

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