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By John Farnam

Ruger LCR Revolver in 327 Federal Magnum

Opinion; John wants to know do you think the Ruger LCR Revolver in 327 magnum is suitable for close quarters self-defense carry gun?

Ruger LCR Revolver in 327 Federal Magnum

Ft Collins, CO –-( A 32 Caliber self defense gun?

Retailers tell me that a hot-seller among small, serious pistols these days, actively competing with the S&W Shield, G43/42, Kahr PM9, Walther PPS/M2, SIG 365, and the Ruger LC9S/Pro, as well as 38Spl snubby revolvers, from both Ruger and S&W, is the Ruger LCR (snubby revolver) in 327 Magnum.

Ruger LCR Revolver

Among 32 caliber revolver cartridges, there are the:

  • 32S&W (usually a 100gr all-lead bullet at less than 1k f/s, suitable for practice only)
  • 32 H&R Magnum (usually an 85gr high-performance bullet at 1200 f/s, from a snubby revolver)
  • 327 Magnum (85gr high-performance bullet at 1400 f/s, from a snubby revolver)

All three will chamber and shoot through the Ruger LCR revolver.

Many are attracted to the LCR in 32 caliber, because the cost of ammunition (particularly 32S&W) is relatively low, and even with high-performance ammunition, recoil is a good deal less than with a 38Spl revolver, not to mention 357 magnum!

Although in all fairness, Super-Vel’s excellent 90gr 38Spl +p round …Read the Rest

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