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By Jenn Jacques

gun sales

Sturm Ruger CEO Michael Fifer shared his take on why more people are buying guns today.

“It appears to me, if you look over multiple years, that there’s wider acceptance of guns, wider availability,” said Fifer. “There’s more exciting, new products from all the competitors, not just Ruger. There’s more reasons to have guns now than ever before.”

Fifer’s full response to Bill Ledley on whether Sturm Ruger thought the industry had entered a permanently lower level of demand given the Republican sweep of the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives gave additional insight:

“I think we’ve kind of seen the story before where you’ll get a big politically-driven spike: they tend to be fairly short and they’re followed by an offsetting decline in demand for a while, and then everything’s returned to what I would call normal.

You’ve got the same factors driving interest. You’ve got more concealed carry in more states. You’ve got more new shooters coming along. You’ve got – generally, it’s more socially acceptable to admit to your friends that you actually like guns and enjoy having them, and by the way, come look at the newest one I just bought, let me show it to …Read the Rest

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