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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Rosco Manufacturing 14.5 Purebred .223 Barrel

U.S.A.-( Rosco Manufacturing; a proud American manufacturer of high quality gun barrels is proud to announce the launch of their newest line of precision barrels titled The Purebred Series.

Rosco is a manufacturer that produces barrels for some of the biggest gun makers in the industry within their Central Falls, R.I. facility. Rosco has recently focused their talents and years of expertise to produce commercially available barrels that challenge what is currently found in the market.

Rosco Manufacturing 14.5 Purebred .223 Barrel

Purebred Series:

Rosco Manufacturing’s “Purebred” series is a testament to precision and quality manufacturing. We took a step back to see how we could create a barrel line that would be a culmination of all the lessons learned through years of making barrels for our OEM’s. The result is a barrel that will produce 1 MOA results out of the box for any shooter looking to take their skills above and beyond.

Our Purebred barrels are made from scratch in our Rhode Island facility and start life as a blank piece of 416R stainless steel. The blanks are then rifled using our proprietary “Rifling & Polishing method” (which produces a lapped smooth surface finish) …Read the Rest

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