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By Cam Edwards

City leaders in Aspen, Colorado are set to approve a “symbolic gesture” banning guns from city hall and other municipal buildings this week, despite objections from residents of both Aspen and the surrounding area. The city council meets Tuesday, and is almost certain to approve the measure, even though they admit it will be impossible to enforce. Still, the council is “doing something” about gun control, and that virtue signaling is apparently all that matters.

City officials do not plan to install metal detectors or anything similar to know whether people are carrying guns into buildings; the law is simply a symbolic gesture more than anything else, elected officials have said.

There’s been a police officer stationed in council chambers during regular meetings for over a year, due to concerns from city staff and the public regarding specific individuals.

If there are genuine concerns about specific individuals, what the city should be doing is holding concealed carry classes for city employees and members of the city council. Instead, the council is taking the absurd step of publicly announcing that, while the city is banning firearms, there won’t be any type of screening whatsoever. This isn’t even offering …Read the Rest

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