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Anthony Colandro
Anthony Colandro

Anthony came out of the gate in his bid for the NRA Board as an agitator and outsider who wanted to make things better. At some point during the politics of 2019, he ended up being officially endorsed by the NRA Old Guard for the 76th seat and that dulled his attraction for many of us looking for reform. I was very critical of Anthony for accepting that endorsement. More than almost any other candidate on the ballot this year, Anthony has done the work to earn my support in this year’s election by continuing to work for a better NRA and to speak his truth with very little sycophancy to the establishment that I believe is doing the organization more harm than good at this point. I am very interested in seeing what he would do with a three year term and some possibly influential committee assignments.

Graham Hill – VIDEO [Graham Hill is Endoresed by AmmoLand News]

Donald Trump & Graham Hill
Donald Trump & Graham Hill

Graham Hill is the only member of the Executive Committee on the ballot that I can support for another term on the NRA Board of Directors. He is very well respected, articulate and passionate about gun rights and making the NRA Stronger and more Effective. He was ahead of the curve in regard to engaging concerned NRA Members and making us feel welcome and valued at the Board Meetings and he has had a very “open door policy” in regard to discussing tough issues with us. He also distinguished himself during the Winter Board Meeting by being the only Committee Chair to actively engage attending members in the meeting. These actions speak highly of his commitment to serving The Members and the cause above “the organization”.

Robert Mansell – VIDEO

Robert Mansell for NRA BOD
Robert Mansell for NRA BOD

Robert is relatively new to the NRA scene, just finishing his first term as a Director. He has been very engaging with Members and has demonstrated an interest in being a “beyond the minimum” Director. He attends meetings that he isn’t required to and seems to be well educated in the NRA’s current situation and how they got there. He is also a long term Firearms Industry Professional with a strong sense of how the Average American Gun Owner thinks. His fresh & grounded perspective would be an asset to the Board during this time of evolution.

Todd J. Rathner – VIDEO

Todd J. Rathner
Todd J. Rathner

Todd Rathner is one of the most active NRA Board Members. He attends events such as SHOT Show, Gun Rights Policy Conference and other community events not connected to the NRA. He is an articulate speaker and strong advocate for all gun rights and freedoms. Of all the Directors, he is the most evolved over the past year in regard to engaging and communicating those of us with a concern about the crisis inside the NRA. While he is not a “reformist”, he is a realist. He worked harder than anyone else on the ballot in response to the Member’s Petition for the establishment of an Attendance Policy for Board Members, which was voted into existence by the Board at the Winter Meeting.

Steven C. Schreiner – VIDEO

Steve Schreiner has served the NRA for many years and is a close ally of Lt. Col. Robert Brown, who has been one of the most vocal critics of the current NRA Leadership and the obvious problems that they created or allowed. While Mr. Schreiner has not been an agitator in regard to reform, his work towards a better NRA has been demonstrated through action and many conversations with concerned members.

Frank C. Tait – VIDEO

Frank Tait was THE Reform Candidate on the ballot this year. He was the Member who submitted and read the

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USA – -( Since the Winter 2020 Board Meeting of the NRA in Tyson’s Corner, VA a few weeks ago, the question I’ve been asked most often by Members is “Who should I vote for in the Board of Directors Election?”

As a Board Member of Save the Second, an organization formed last year to represent the concerns of NRA Members and American Gun Owners in regard to the crisis at the NRA, I want to distinguish between the personal opinions and thoughts that I am about to share and any official endorsements from STS. The Board of STS has decided not to officially endorse or rebuke any candidate. Other Board Members have shared their own thoughts on this matter as well. Ron Carter and Anthony Garcia (the Founders of STS) and I did a 2-hour podcast on January 27th discussing all 38 Candidates on the Ballot and went into detail about why did …Read the Rest

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