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RISE Armament 300LE Rifle

Rise Armament recently announced the release of its newest accessory component for the AR-15 market, the Veil Flash Hider. Moreover, the Veil utilizes a three-prong style to minimize muzzle flash.


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Rise developed the three-prong Veil Flash hider to minimize flash but also reduce the louder sounds that sometimes accompany other prong-style flash hiders. Further, the company originally designed the Veil specifically for the Rise Watchman series of rifles. Ultimately, the popularity of the rifle lead to demand for the Veil as an accessory, according to Rise Armament.

“When we were designing the flash hider, our first priority was, of course, making sure it performed well. Then we wanted to take it up another level,” said Matt Torres, president of RISE Armament. “We made it look good, but that wasn’t enough. Our test groups mentioned they didn’t like the sound other high-performing flash hiders make, so we engineered that out.”

The Veil counteracts the negative effects of a firearm’s flash on a shooter’s night vision, according to Rise Armament. This, of course, leads to faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

The Veil utilizes 416 stainless steel construction. Further, the company includes a …Read the Rest

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