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By Tom Knighton

Companies like Uber and Lyft aren’t fans of their drivers carrying guns. I’m not sure why except for the possibility that there may be misplaced fear of maniacs somehow using the service to find targets or something. Regardless, those are the rules that drivers are expected to follow if they want to work with these services.

But recently, an uber driver shot and killed a man who threatened him after nearly running him off the road. The shooting was considered self-defense, a classic case of “stand your ground” laws in action, by the sheriff. All is well, right?

Now, the driver is worried about losing his ability to work with Uber and Lyft, the two primary rideshare services in the nation.

The Uber driver who made headlines after he shot an attacker on the road in self-defense is speaking out about the incident and the fallout from it.

Speaking with WFTS, Robert Westlake said he feels guilty about killing 34-year-old Jason Boek.

Westlake also expressed his concern that he might lose his jobs at Uber and Lyft after they suspended his accounts. Both companies have a strict “no weapons” policy, which includes firearms, …Read the Rest

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