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By [email protected] (Rick Ector)

Rick Ector Counters Lame Duck County Commissioner and His Plan To Regulate Ammo Cartridges

A couple of days ago, I was asked by the local Fox affiliate in Detroit to give my feedback on his hair-brained gun control scheme.

This county commissioner recently failed to make it on the local ballot to be reelected because he did not follow the process correctly. His named was tossed off the ballot and he had to run as a write-in campaign. Needless to say, his bid to get elected failed.

In any case, he is attempting to leave a legacy of sorts. He has been making the rounds to call for gun control. Apparently, he does not know that local gun laws have been preempted by statute. As such, gun laws in Michigan can only be passed by the state legislature or the federal government.

So, this knucklehead is calling for more gun laws. As a consequence, I was asked by the local media if I would go on camera to give my response. Check out the video and leave feedback!

Watch the video here!

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