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By Chris Eger

A rare Richardson Industries M5 Guerilla gun i.e. a slam-fire 12 gauge brought back from the bush. (Photo: Chris Eger)
Americans have long been a fan of shotguns, pumps, semi-autos, over and unders, you name it, we love em. One red-blooded American even ran into an interesting one while doing a little Wolverines-style combat in the Philippines and thought it would catch on back home once the smoke cleared. His name was Richardson, and his idea is best known as the Philippine Guerrilla Gun.
Who was Richardson?
Illif David Richardson in Naval Uniform after WWII.
Iliff D. “Rich” Richardson was born the son of a Methodist minister in 1918. He learned basic survival skills as part of Boy Scout Troop 92 in Los Angeles, and attended Compton Junior College in the 1930s before joining the Navy in 1940. Stationed in the Philippines when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Rich was assigned to PT-34, an ‘expendable’ 77-foot plywood motor torpedo boat. After the craft was sunk in April 1942 by Japanese aircraft, Rich and the remaining crew went ashore and fought first with the US Army then later with Philippine guerrillas once the main US force at Corregidor surrendered.
Jungle shotguns
It was in serving alongside these


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