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By Laura Burgess

Revolver Supply Ultimate Moon Clip Tool

Revolver Supply, Supplies for the Revolver Enthusiasts!

Revolver Supply Ultimate Moon Clip Tool
Revolver Supply Company, LLC

Mimbres, New Mexico ( Revolver Supply is proud to announce the Ultimate Moon Clip Tool: a Patented design that puts your hand in a natural position for the easy loading of moon clips. This is the next step to loading moon clips, perhaps the ultimate step.

After years of shooting revolvers, loading moon clips and trying different types of moon clip loading tools, the designers at Revolver Supply knew there had to be a better way; they think they have found it. No more awkward hand positions or hand motions, no more twisting about for the sake of the tool and no more right hand, left hand issues. This tool takes very gentle care of the moon clips while loading; it will NOT bend your moon clips. This tool has leverage built in for ease of operation; uses common arbor designs (existing RS arbors) and can adjust from S&W J Frame to S&W N Frame sized moon clips. Use this tool in either hand with just a simple squeezing motion to insert the rounds into your moon clips. …read more

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