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By Caleb

Photo courtesy Badlands Gun Range

If you follow the Gun Nuts Media YouTube channel you’ve probably noticed that all my recent videos have been filmed at a new location here in Sioux Falls, specifically Badlands Gun Range. Up until recently, there was only one indoor range in Sioux Falls, a place called Gary’s. While the staff at Gary’s were always nice to me, the facility itself left something to be desired. One of the big problems that Gary’s had was that the air system didn’t work very well, to the point that after an hour of shooting when I would leave the range, I’d have grey/black mucus in my nose for a while. That’s not ideal.

Other options would be to travel ~1 hour north to the Outdoor Adventure Center in Brookings, SD. The OAC is a great facility, five star rated by NSSF, is nice and clean, well lit, and quite lovely. I teach classes up there and heartily recommend it. However, it is an hour north, and in winter in SoDak that can be problematic. As a brief aside, it’s interesting how living in SD has changed my perception on what’s a long drive; when I lived in Seattle I’d …Read the Rest

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