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By Cam Edwards

Stan Smith wants your guns. Or at least, your gun. The 75-year old retired teacher in northern Idaho says he’s a gun owner himself, but he just doesn’t see any reason for someone to own an AR-15, so he’s launching a one-man, self-funded “buyback” program, hoping that he can convince some folks to hand over their semi-automatic rifles in exchange for a charitable donation.

Smith first proposed his gun buyback program in a letter to the editor published in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News last weekend. The retired teacher said he’s become fed up with recent mass shootings in America.

“Anybody that follows the news, why wouldn’t they be frustrated?” he said.

Under Smith’s proposal, anyone willing to turnover their assault rifle to him would do so knowing that the gun will eventually be destroyed. After that, Smith will cut a $500 check to charity.

“So, I thought I’ll offer the money and hopefully somebody will turn one in. Just one. I don’t have an infinite bank,” he said.

I have a feeling you’re going to be able to keep your money, Stan. Even if a gun owner decided he wanted to rid herself of her AR-15 and give some money to charity, …Read the Rest

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