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By Bob Owens

Curtis Reeves Jr.

Three years ago, retire Tampa (FL) police captain Curtis Reeves Jr. shot and killed Chad Oulson in a dispute than began when Reeves complained over Oulson’s texting during the previews of a movie. Reeves is now attempting to claim he was merely “standing his ground” and “in fear for his life” when he shot Oulson to death, in a hearing that is now in its second week.

Former Tampa Police Department captain Curtis Reeves, who shot and killed a man inside a Pasco County theater, is expected to take the stand on Tuesday in a hearing to determine if the shooting meets Florida’s Stand Your Ground criteria.

He was initially expected to testify on Monday.

Curtis Reeves claims he shot and killed Chad Oulson inside the Cobb Grove 16 Theaters in Wesley Chapel back in 2014 because he feared for his life.

The state maintains Reeves murdered Oulson.

The men had been arguing because Oulson was texting during previews to the movie “Lone Survivor,” and Reeves asked him to stop.

Attorneys for Reeves tell WFLA News Channel 8 he’s expected to testify Tuesday.

As of Monday, February 27, more than two dozen witnesses had been called to the stand by the defense.

Reeves apparently instigated the conflict …Read the Rest

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