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By Brandon Curtis

One of the most persistent types of gun control legislation is restricting carrying capacity, which is about as common as universal background check laws. In both cases, eight U.S. states and the District of Columbia have a law banning high capacity magazines and requiring a background check for the sale of any firearm.

It isn’t the same eight states in case you’re curious; Delaware, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington state have universal background check laws but no magazine capacity restrictions, whereas Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey restrict magazine capacity but don’t mandate all gun sales involve a background check. However, California (naturally), Colorado, Connecticut and New York have both.

The exact nature of the restriction varies by state (Hawaii, for instance only restricts handgun capacity) but the ostensible motivation remains the same. The idea, of course, is that by limiting the number of rounds a person can carry in either a long gun or handgun the fewer people can or will be harmed.

Just as with all other gun control legislation, the effect is only a hindrance to law-abiding citizens. If criminals are motivated enough, they’ll find a way to get high-capacity magazines; the San Bernadino shooters proved that was the case.

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