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By Erich Pratt

How would you want your children and grandchildren to be protected in schools?
Clearly, following the Gun-Free Zone path of Uvalde, Nashville, Parkland or Sandy Hook is a non-starter. It doesn’t work!
But there is a simple way to protect our children and ensure parents no longer have to worry about the safety of children while they’re in the classroom.
No school that has armed teachers has EVER experienced a shooting, much less a mass public shooting.
The single most important thing Congress can do is to allow school faculty and parents to exercise their constitutionally protected right to defend their lives and the lives of our children.
That’s why Gun Owners of America proudly endorses the Teachers Empowered Against Classroom Harm (TEACH) Act, H.R. 2991, which was just introduced by Rep. Andy Ogles.
We’ve been championing the need to harden schools, and this bill would take significant action to help school staff and parents carry firearms on school property to protect our kids.
But to get it past anti-gunners and squishy Republicans in Congress, we need to build support right away – and that starts with securing as many co-sponsors as possible.
Please add your name to our pre-written letter to tell your Representative to co-sponsor H.R.

Source: Gun Owners of America

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