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By Richard Mann


Photo by Michael Anschuetz

In 1991, Remington introduced the Golden Saber bullet. It was purpose-built to meet Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) requirements and has sort of become the standard with regard to defensive handgun ammunition. It was later modified to a bonded bullet and, more recently, to perform better from short barrels. In 2014, Remington gave the Golden Saber a black belt, and, as with martial arts, that belt might represent the highest achievable level of accomplishment.

Firearms enthusiasts revere names such as Mauser, Colt, Kalashnikov and Browning. However, without bullets, the iconic guns these men created would be nothing but ill-formed clubs. A Golden Saber bullet fired from a Glock serves the same purpose as the round ball fired from a Colt Dragoon. However, few recognize that since 1848 the bullet has evolved as much as the handgun. This is why you’ve probably never heard the names Schluckebier, Sachse, Imhoff or Burczynski. Bullet engineers never get any credit, even though creating a tool the size of an M&M that’s capable of doing work while traveling at 700 mph is an engineering marvel.

Origin of the Golden Saber

The story of the Remington Golden Saber actually starts at Winchester in 1990. It was …Read the Rest

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