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By Tyler Kee


The image of a deer, still alive in the moment before I broke the shot, is only seared into my memory from two occasions. One of those events being the first deer I ever killed. Until the day that I pass, I will never forget that old eight point, the way he stood perfectly broadside, right out in a clearing on a little sloped hill. In the moment before he died, he looked as calm and sure of himself as any buck I’ve ever seen before or since. I don’t remember the sight picture disappearing as the recoil of the shot took over, and I don’t remember the punch in the shoulder I must have taken. That was 2003, the boy sitting right behind me was Will, and the gun was a Ruger M77 MK1 chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum . . .

In 2003 I was not of legal age to have purchased a firearm. And even if I had been old enough, scraping together the money to acquire (and feed) a walnut stocked bolt action chambered for a magnum cartridge topped with a decent piece of glass was way beyond my purview. A year younger than me, Will …Read the Rest

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