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By Tactical-Life

RMA Armament was founded in October of 2011 by former U.S. Marine and police officer Blake Waldrop.

Waldrop wanted to develop a reliable life-saving body armor after the loss of a Marine friend. So far, Waldrop has succeeded and then some.

RMA’s all new Special Rifle Threat (SRT) stand-alone hard armor plate truly lives up to the company’s standards.

Rated at IIIa+, according to the National Institute of Justice’s 0101.06 standard, the SRT plate was manufactured to bridge the gap in ballistic standard, weight requirement and price point between its IIIa hard and soft armor and level III rifle plate counterparts.

With a thickness of .56 inches, the 10-inch-by-12-inch SRT hard armor plate is designed to provide multi-hit protection against some of the most common high speed rifle rounds in the world today, including the 7.62×39 (M67 Lead Core), 6.8×43 FMJ and .556×45 ball rounds.

Most impressive is that this SRT plate. Comprised of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene material, the plate can stand up to a ballistic beating of the aforementioned nature while weighing just 2.05 pounds, which is just a fraction of the weight typically needed to defeat such high velocity rounds.

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