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By John Crump

BCA 3.0 OWB Holster
BCA 3.0 OWB Holster

U.S.A.-( My go to holster to carry my Glock 19 during the colder months is an outside the waistband Kydex holster from Bravo Concealment.

I love the holster. It just works for me. It holds close to my body so I can conceal it very easy by just throwing on a baggy hoodie and letting it drop over my gun. Imagine my surprise when Bravo Concealment announced they were coming out with a brand new outside the waistband holster. I knew I wanted to try it out.

Bravo Concealment offered to provide me with one of their new BCA 3.0 OWB Holster so I could try it out. I couldn’t wait to take it for a test drive. So I decided to use the holster every day for a month to get an authentic feel for the holster. In the end I used it for almost every day for six weeks.

The first and most prominent difference between the BCA 2.0 and BCA 3.0 is the manufacturing and materials that Bravo Concealment chose to use with the new holster. Instead of using the Kydex process Bravo Concealment used injection molding.

Using injection molding offers several notable advantages over …Read the Rest

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