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By Tom Knighton

By now, one would think that gun owners would know how little the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) appreciates the reasons you have a firearm on your person when you try to go through security. The TSA catches a lot of well-earned flak over some of the gun-shaped objects it will confiscate, but it does find real guns from time to time.

And, it seems the TSA found a record number in 2018.

The Transportation Security Administration marked what it called a “milestone year” with the release of its “TSA Year in Review: A Record Setting 2018” on Thursday. Among other statistics, the agency reported that a record-setting number of firearms were discovered in carry-on bags at TSA checkpoints across the country last year.

TSA agents found 4,239 total firearms in carry-ons in 2018, an average of 81.6 firearms per week, or 11.6 per day. Of the firearms found, 3,656 (86.15 percent) were loaded—another record—and 1,432 (33.74 percent) of the total had a round chambered.

Of course, to a non-gun person, this is some kind of big deal.

Well, it is, but mostly because I’m trying to figure out why only a third of the guns found were ready to …Read the Rest

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