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By Brandon

Reader Chad Baur writes:

I am a licensed Tennessee Realtor and I am also licensed to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Tennessee.

My wife and I are currently in the market to buy our first home and have been looking for our perfect home for about 6 months now. In this time we have toured dozens of homes, sometimes in the company of the listing agent and sometimes alone. Due to the vulnerable nature of this process, I carry my Glock 19 (concealed, as pictured) for every showing. My wife isn’t a fan of guns and often gives me grief for it…poking fun at me and joking that I’m “hyper paranoid” while claiming that guns seriously make her uncomfortable. Her concerns are, of course, valid because guns (in the wrong hands) can be quite terrifying. However, as I like to tell my wife, “the odds of me needing to use my firearm in defense are one-in-a-million, but I’d rather carry my weapon 999,999 times and never use it, than to not have it the one time I do need it to protect myself or (more importantly) my family”. Thus, I carry my trusty Glock 19 most everywhere …Read the Rest

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