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By Rob Morse

Defensive Handgun Class

By Rob Morse: Training

Victoria Hickey gets instruction from Cornered Cat instructor kathy Jackson during a GunStart women only defensive handgun class Saturday afternoon. The three day course taught students gun safety and handgun defense techniques. To see more on the class see page A10 and visit for an audio slide show.

Slow FactsUSA –-( The most dangerous thing about gun training is….

… I could accidentally wound my pride.
… I need a new gun, mine is too old, before I can take a class.
… I could make a mistake in a self-defense class.
… I might look clumsy or unsafe, and leave my ego bleeding on the classroom floor.

These excuses feel familiar to me. Most gun owners have never taken a concealed carry course, so the feeling might be new to you. If we did get our permit, then most of us stopped there. We haven’t been to the range or taken a class in years. We like to shoot, but our fear of embarrassment keeps us from taking the next step.. of getting training. Our fear also leaves our family at risk.

We would rather fail on the street in a self-defense encounter than …Read the Rest

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