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By Nick Leghorn

Star Wars gun (courtesy

TTAG reader JP writes:

I saw this article on WIRED, breaking down the props of the new Star Wars movie. I was struck by how the various blasters pulled parts from recognizable guns. Of course, Han Solo’s blaster is famously based on the Mauser broomstick, but I was genuinely intrigued to see AR-style stocks, several Chiappa Rhino-esque blasters, at least one M&P grip, one that looks like maybe a Browning Hi-power, a backwards ACOG with a RMR in front of it, and many more. See how many inspirations the Armed Intelligentsia can pull from these slides! [Another image from the article and other sources after the jump]

This one is pretty simple — it’s an updated bastardization of the Sterling Sporter that was used in the original Star Wars movies. It looks like there’s an AR stock of some sort tacked onto the rear end, but otherwise just a bunch of rattlecan chrome and a cheap scope.


Up next: something that looks completely shop-made. What looks to be a CO2 cartridge tacked onto the side of the gun and some shiny “silencer” on the front. What’s really interesting is that there’s a …Read the Rest

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