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By Carly Hoilman

AP/Brennan Linsley

Former Reddit CEO Yishan Wong, a self-proclaimed “pro-gun-control liberal who does not believe in the Second Amendment,” posted an open letter last week on Medium, offering some counterintuitive advice to fellow liberals who are quick to lash out against gun rights advocates. Wong writes that “the first thing you need to do if you want meaningful gun control legislation to be passed in America” is “learn how to use a gun.”

AP/Brennan Linsley

“I used to run a very popular internet forum. In that job, I witnessed a great diversity of opinions,” he explains. “I learned one big thing: no matter how unreasonable you think your opponent is, he knows many important things that you do not, and you need to understand those things to have any hope of reaching an agreement.”

He continues:

Almost every gun control advocate I know hates guns and wants nothing to do with them. They are vaguely (or very) afraid of them, and believe that if they fire a gun or buy one, they will suddenly become a gun nut or turn evil.

That is nonsense. You need to understand guns intimately if you want to regulate them. This kind of thinking is common sense when it …Read the Rest

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