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Terrence Burke saw an 8-point buck on trail cam pics from the Ouachita Parish lease he hunts earlier this year.

On November 6, he took the deer with a 100-yard shot, but when he recovered the buck, he saw something he hadn’t seen in any of the pictures.

“It looked like he had ankle socks on,” Burke said. “There were no other discolorations or imperfections on his hide or anything—just solid white on his back feet.”

Scott Durham, a biologist director with the Wildlife Division for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, determined after seeing the photo and consulting state veterinarians, that the deer’s coloration was likely caused by a rare genetic trait known as a piebald variation. The trait affects less than 1 percent of all deer.

However, Durham said that he hadn’t seen only the hooves affected before. Most often, piebald deer are colored white and brown like a pinto pony.

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