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By Dan Zimmerman

One of the most entertaining aspects of Hunter Biden being indicted on three gun-related charges due to his drug use is the reaction of those on the left side of the political spectrum. They’re screaming that given how few people are prosecuted for lying on 4473 forms, the only reason he’s been charged is his prominent father.
Statistics on gun cases like Hunter Biden’s show one thing:
In a normal universe, he would never have been charged if it weren’t for his last name
I explained @CNN w/ @abbydphillip @GloriaBorger @RogerSeverino_
— Norm Eisen (norm.eisen on Threads) (@NormEisen) September 15, 2023

Note that the Venn diagram of the people who are making this argument and those who blew a blood vessel when a man whose conviction was overturned for gun possession while under a domestic violence restraining order is almost a perfect circle.
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Source: The Truth About Guns

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