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By Robert Farago

Timothy Egan (courtesy

At the end of a by-the-numbers anti-gun rant in the New York Times, Contributing Op-Ed editor Timothy Egan [above] asserts “As a way to make everyday life seem less frightening, the new reality [of “enforced gun free zones”] is absurd. But that’s the cost, apparently, of an extreme interpretation of a constitutional amendment designed to fend off British tyranny, a freedom that has become a tyranny in itself.” Freedom is tyranny! More importantly, did you notice that . . .

Egan states the Second Amendment of the United States Constitutional was designed to fend off British tyranny. Huh? The Second Amendment was designed to fend off American tyranny. The Amendment was enacted to ensure that the people of the United States aren’t left disarmed and defenseless against their own government. Arguably nothing more, inarguably nothing less.

It’s an astounding mistake. It reveals Egan’s profound misunderstanding of both the history and nature of American gun rights (not to mention the lack of fact-checking at The Grey Lady). But at least he brings the threat of government tyranny into the gun control equation. Most proponents of civilian disarmament make their case based entirely on social utility: the killing must stop! Something …read more

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