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By Cam Edwards

City council members in Tacoma, Washington could soon approve a massive increase in taxes on firearms and ammunition sales in the city, and local reporter and columnist Matt Driscoll loves the idea. In a column for the Tacoma News-Tribune, Driscoll says he’s ready for the city to “do something” to try to make streets safer.

Yes, I think the tax on firearms and ammo can potentially do some good, providing a small revenue source to pay for gun-violence prevention programming — which can’t hurt.

Anything helps.

But you know what? There’s another part of me that’s just so damn sick and tired of seeing the same tragedies — and the same lame reactions, defenses and non-responses — that I’m simply ready for the city to do anything it can.

If that essentially amounts to a middle finger directed at the organized gun lobby — whose sole mission at this point seems to be thwarting any and all common-sense gun regulation — so be it.

The proposed tax increase is much more about the middle finger directed at gun owners (not the organized “gun lobby”) than it is about public safety. Driscoll acknowledges that Seattle’s tax on guns and ammo sales, which was …Read the Rest

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