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By Robert Farago


I shared a cigar with a car parts store owner last night. Great guy. Great cigar (Liga Privada T52 Double Corona). He quizzed me about my Wilson Combat Commander carry gun with a newbie’s fascination. “I have a permit,” he said, surprising me. “But I don’t carry.” Why go to all that bother and leave home without it? He squirmed a bit, puffed on his stogie looking in the distance and demurred. This morning, over on Diana Hufstedler’s Facebook page . . .

the comely competitive shooter reposted the above photo with this comment: “My friends don’t usually believe I carry until I show them…. A lot of people get a CC permit and then don’t do anything with it. Anyone have an idea why that is?”

I can think of a few reasons why people jump through all the carry permit hoops and hassle then don’t schlep a gat: fear, discomfort and denial. But I’ve never heard it straight from the disarmed horse’s mouth. Little help?

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