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By Dan Zimmerman

Deer (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

TTAG reader Coyyote writes:

One evening driving off our ranch I encountered a car stopped by the side of the road a distraught lady pointed out a doe someone had hit and broke both front lower legs. The deer was in the barrow ditch frantically thrashing around so I suggested I use the 1911 on my hip to euthanize her. The lady replied she had called 911, and at that instant a highway patrol officer arrived, parked and turned on his flashers. He got out and we talked the situation over. I told him my wife worked as a wildlife rehabilitator for the Department of Wildlife and both of us had euthanized dozens of animals hit by cars. Thus I would be happy to do it . . .

Oh no, he was the duly sworn officer and could handle it. No problem was my reply. There upon he pulled out his S&W 40 auto service pistol and attempted to jack a round into the chamber. Yep, he was carrying in condition 3. Somehow he jammed the round during the chambering process and proceeded to struggle with the gun, sweeping my torso twice with the muzzle. After several seconds of this and …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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