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By Robert Farago

“The death of a brown-and-white, mixed breed named Bruno on the northern fringe of New Hampshire’s White Mountains has sparked an angry response from animal rights activists who want to ban owners from using a gun to ‘put down’ old, sick or dangerous dogs,” reports. “‘It was done in such a cruel manner. The dog was shot multiple times and left to die,’ said Katie Treamer, one of the founders of Justice For Bruno, a group lobbying to make it a felony to shoot a pet to death in New Hampshire. ‘In this day and age, it’s just not a responsible way to euthanize a pet.’” Contacted by the police, the dog’s owner said he shot his adopted pet because he had . . .

bitten his children on three separate occasions. The owner said he tried to give the dog away buy decided the canine was too vicious to go to another home. He shot the dog four times and left his body in tall grass.

The resulting furor has been fierce, with animal-lovers saying the practice should be outlawed while rural residents maintain that taking an animal to a vet …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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