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By Dan Zimmerman


As the intrepid reporters at TMZ note, former child star Hillary Duff is a single mom who lives alone. And their cameras caught her recently waking out of a Culver City, California gun store with a GLOCK box and a bag of gun food. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well…the first comment under our post linking to the article at our Facebook page was, “All that money and she still bought a Glock.” That, as you might expect, touched off a spirited round of back-and-forth debate . . .

The great thing about the free market system is that self-interested consumers can determine what they do and don’t like. While the size of your bank balance certainly may come into play, everyone makes the same decisions to one extent or another. Do you value utilitarian simplicity or status-enhancing bling? A clean Bauhaus aesthetic or rococo flair. Ms. Duff seems to have gone with the former. Was that wrong?

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