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By Dan Zimmerman

Aww jeez. It seems that the local constabulary in peaceful New Holstein, Wisconsin isn’t really up on state law in America’s Dairyland, dontcha know. Both open and concealed carry are okey-dokey in The Eat Cheese or Die state. In fact the only place you can’t openly carry is in your caarr. And thanks to the state’s preemption law, any municipal ordinance there may be to the contrary, as the un-named officer references, is null and void . . .

The two individuals in this video were stopped by the officer, she says, for making the locals feel “uncomfortable.” A condition which, as they inform her, isn’t really their problem. And that’s when she tries to run them out of town.

“I would like you to leave our city. You need to leave our city. … You can exercise your right. That’s fine, but you’re making people feel uncomfortable.”

Is that like The Wild West as they carrier claims? You betcha! We don’t like your kind around here, boy. Now mosey on down the trail or there’s gonna be trouble. We don’t know, but we’d guess these gentlemen declined her request to skedaddle.

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Source:: Truth About Guns

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