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By Dan Zimmerman


Reader Jeff J. writes:

I have a normal 8 to 4 job here in a town in north Texas while my wife is a self-employed photographer and cares for our 6-month-old during the day. One day last week around 11am, while I was at work, my wife was in the bedroom getting ready for lunch with a friend and our boy was napping in the living room. My wife heard the front screen door open, and thinking it was her friend she hurried out to the living room to greet her but when she got to the living room, through the glass in our front door, she saw a man in a black hoodie about to open the front door . . .

He saw her and immediately took off running down the street. My wife was extremely shaken up by the encounter, and we did call the police to report the event. The intruder literally had to walk past the security system sign in our yard to get on the patio and to the front door. We live in a normally quiet neighborhood with active neighbors on all sides (the neighbor across the street had their front door open).

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