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By Robert Farago

I pocket carry a Kahr MK9. I love that gun! It’s not for everyone. It’s heavy – which I like – and really expensive: around $700. People who need to pinch their pennies are well advised to take Jarhead6’s advice and buy the TTAG 4.5 star Kahr CW9. Oh wait, he recommends the .45 caliber CW45. As .45 cartridges cost significantly more than 9mm’s, buying the CW45 makes you penny wise and pound foolish (as the Brits are wont to say). Besides, the CW45 MSRP’s at $449. That’s still a lot of money. If you’re really stretched, I’d recommend a used gun. How about a Smith & Wesson 642 for shade under three bills? Or a CZ82s? What’s the cheapest acceptable carry gun you’d recommend? HiPoint?

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