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By Dan Zimmerman

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Yesterday’s quote of the day came from our friend and sometime contributor Chris Hernandez. He’s someone who’s not a fan of open carry in general and, more specifically, calls carrying a long gun around “unnecessary, provocative, self-defeating, confrontational, and just stupid.” To say that most of the readership here disagreed with him is like saying Penelope Cruz is attractive — it drastically understates the magnitude of the situation. At our Facebook page, Michael S. Bennett sees things a little differently . . .

While averring that he’s no fan of open carry either, he sees those willing to let it all hang out — ballistically speaking — as desensitizing the muggles. Working toward the normalization of guns in society in general. Much the same way that flamboyant Gay Pride Parade marchers of years past took the first baby steps toward the eventual legalization of gay marriage.

Are open carriers the new avant-garde? Shock troops for firearm acceptance? Will we all thank them some day?

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