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By Robert Farago

The Range at Austin

Regular readers know that TTAG has a new home range for testing and evaluation, of both guns and cigars. Well, we will do next summer, when the Austin-based guntry club known as The Range at Austin [above] opens its doors to the public. “How will a gun range of this size [the biggest indoor range in Texas] do in a city as notoriously liberal as Austin? asks. Quite well, I imagine. As a former Rhode Island resident, I can tell you that even bluest of blue states contain a significant number of gun enthusiasts. More than that . . .

Guns 2.0 ranges lower the bar to fence-straddling antis. They’re clean, well-lighted places for non-gun types to see what all this ballistic fuss is about. And once they get to grips with a gun, they often change their perspective. But how true is that? Have you ever taken an anti the range and they weren’t converted? Is hands-on marketing the best way to pull the rug from under those who would degrade and destroy our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms?

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